Legal terms

The law requires that certain professionals with specific responsibilities are involved in every building project in Spain. Some laws can vary between municipalities. We take responsibility for all handling all aspects of the bureaucratic processes, regulations and licences. This allows us to be efficient, minimise delays, and get the job finished as quickly as possible.

In addition we make a personal commitment to act always, and advise you, in your best interests.

Openness and Transparency
We are open and transparent with you about what things cost so that you can decide for yourself whether or not you are getting value for money.

Supporting you through the Feasibility Assessment

When you are considering buying a site we can support you as follows:
1. A formal assessment of the planning situation
2. A broad assessment of the costs involved in building your home
3. Some initial drawings for layout and volumes
4. An informal analysis of the local market conditions to put the asking price of the site you have in mind in perspective.
5. A formal independent valuation of the site you’re interested in.

Please ask for more information on these services and our charges.

During the Design Phase
Normally, when your architect is designing your home, they give you broad estimates for how much things might cost. We think this is insufficient. You've probably seen the TV programme Grand Designs. Most projects end up way over budget. That’s normally because things were not properly thought through and costed during the design phase.

At Studio DeMassari, we do it differently. We involve our builders and engineers in the project right from the outset. Then during the design phase we consult with them so that you can make decisions on the cost / performance tradeoffs as we go so when we’ve finished you are not faced with unexpected costs.


Big team, excellent knowledge of all the particularities of an architectural project in a historic building. Receptive and brilliant professionals.

Salvadori Associati Studio Legale Sarl, Client of the roman palazzo refurbishment for its use as an office

Working with the studio was very fluent, they are open-minded and always available. Not only they had the creativity and professionality but also the capacity to understand my wishes and make them a reality.

Vladimir Markin, Client of the House in Altea project