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DeMassari is a professional studio of architects, designers and artists, with experience, creativity and ability to realize your ideas. Since the start, the studio has established its own label of exclusive architecture, which is plenty of details and inspired by masters. Ornament is present, when needed, since it is inspired by nature, and it is as natural as beautiful.

Infinite possibilities

Our motivation is to bring projects to life, thus we can build a villa on a plot of your property, redesign a property you already own, or maybe you'd like to have your personal Spa at home, or simply redecorating its interiors ... in any case, we are your team.

Unique solutions

Studio DeMassari works within your budget to match your expectations. As we design your home we involve you in every decision, making the process totally unique and personalized. At any time, our architects and designers will show you sketches and renderings of furniture and decoration in order to picture out how each proposal will look like. 

Luxury exclusiveness

Studio DeMassari's milestones include some of the most beautiful and exclusive propierties having been renovated or rebuilt in Italy in the last decades, most of them with high historical worth. Every project has been carried on as the real treasure it is. Every single detail is designed on purpose: affreschi, ornate wood coffered ceiling, molding embellishment, parquet flooring, and so does every piece of furniture and art like the statues, decorations, paintings.

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